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Originally Posted by Astor Kaine View Post
There are theories, but unless you have the testimonials of a 15th Century Wallachian Psychiatrist, we won't know.
Considering the guy took sadistic pleasure in torturing rodents to death in dungeons where he was imprisoned kinda indicates the guy wasn't playing with a full deck.

Originally Posted by Astor Kaine
Where did Pastrami state, or even imply that Atheism was inherently superior? Or indeed, that MLK got his values from Atheism?
It just seems to be a running theme with you guys.

Originally Posted by Astor Kaine
He didn't, so I don't see what your point is. His point was, I believe, that MLK was likely influenced by different faiths, and not solely Christianity.
Most of the examples given involved philosophies not religions.
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