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Ryan closed his eyes and slide open the secrete door to the basement. He took a deep breath in and let it out through his mouth. As he slowly stepped down the stairs he reached into his pocket and pulled out his little flashlight. He switched it on hoping it would work. And with luck it did, and with out flickering off. Ryan crept down the stairs, each step making a slight squeak noise. His heart was pounding in his chest, and his hand holding the flashlight was shacking slightly.

"Get a hold of yourself. Nothing happened down here it was just some illusion" he said to himself trying to calm his nerves.

He reached the bottom of the steps and opened the other door. Cautiously he peered around the corners using the flashlight to examine the room and saw nothing there.

"See nothing down here but cobwebs, dust, and old books."he said to himself as he propped the door all the way open, sticking a book underneath it making sure it wouldn't close shut on him.

Ryan started to search through the boxes hoping to find anything that could answer some questions he had about this place and what was going on. So far his search reviled several newspapers dating from before and after the massacre. Slowly Ryan worked his way over to the desk with the journal of the plantation owner. His heart started to beat inside his chest again, it felt like it wanted to fly out of his own chest an run to hide some where far away.

He wouldn't let anything like that happen, questions needed answers and he wasn't about to just let the opportunity to find out what was going on just slip through his fingers so easily.

"Just pick up the book" he said to himself "Nothing will happen. It's just a simple book."

Ryan however couldn't bring his hand to grab the book, he couldn't bring any part of his body. It would seem that for a moment his body was frozen from fear that his mind was creating for him. His heart started to race faster in his chest, his eyes grew wider and he jaw tightened as he heard soft foot steps come closer to him.

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