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Jedi Knight Jerek Kerent continued stacking the multiple volumes of archived history, just as his master, Master Dorak, had ordered him to do.

It was a simple job, quiet, easy, but to a man like Jerek, it made little difference to anything, asides from the archive volumes. He didn't like the job much, but he'd done things like this ever since being allowed to return to the order 4 months ago. He had returned from his years of war, participating in both the Mandalorian Wars, and had even fought for the Republic in numerous battles against the Sith in the Civil War. But he had done such things on his own accord, and not by the will of the Council. For that, he was exiled. But luckily, his old master still had faith in him, though Jerek feared it was misplaced.

Master Dorak walked into the room.

"You are doing well, Jerek, more then half of the volumes are stacked and logged. After this, you can go about the temple, perhaps seek out your fellow students, and get back into the way of things here....I think the others would like that."

Jerek nodded, "Yes, Master. I shall do that."

He had always been very closed to everyone, not sharing his experiences, and often remaining bitter and disgruntled, but not to the point between the light and the dark. He just didn't talk to anyone. There wasn't really anyone who could relate to him as it was. They were all very naive when it came to the things that Jerek had seen, fought, and committed during his many years at war. He doubted anyone would listen anyway.

He grabbed the next volume for stacking, but he stopped, noticing the title.

The Battle of Voya N'uun: The Republic's First Stand.

He held it there for a second, and then opened it, reading it's contents.

He had been at Voya N'uun. He had fought every minute of it. He knew the details like it was yesterday. And he wished he could forget it, but he found it impossible.

He reached a section that he found incorrect,"Master Dorak, this section is not accurate. Mand'alor's troops did not strike at the center as planned, they flanked and wiped out the right-handed platoon. I was there, I know."

Master Dorak raised an eyebrow as Jerek handed him the volume. He looked at it.

"You are indeed correct, I'll have to edit that....good catch, Jerek. You have the makings of a find Archivist indeed...."

Jerek smiled, but felt old memories flooding back. The force probably echoed his sadness like a beacon.

Dorak sensed it, "You are done for today, go, go see the others. They are probably training together right now. It would be good for you. Keep your mind off of such things, relax."

Jerek nodded, "Yes, Master, thank you."

With that, he left the archives, off to find the others.

you very much
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