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If Only

Originally Posted by Arátoeldar View Post
Great work micro. I just wish you would have used the TSL Patcher.
Oh, I wish I would too. However, when I try and use it something always goes horribly wrong. The readme file is just about useless to noobs like myself (or I just don't know how to read) and I haven't been able to find a well written tutorial on how to use it anywhere else, so override is my only resort.
But if you know of a tut that covers everything please send it along.
Oh and if you know how to use it and have the time to throw my mod into it that'd be great. If you send to me you'd be sure to have your name in my readme as the TSL Patcher Guru!

Originally Posted by Camo-Man 07 View Post
That is great!
To bad I never play FM. being a guy it feels kinda wierd... lol
Would it be possible to use KSE to make Bastila look like that if I have it installed?
I'm still a noob to the modding community but I don't think it would work. The files I used to create her head were from the player models which to my knowledge have no lipsync capabilites. When I get time I'll look into it or if you find out let me know.

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