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"Fleet Master, send a distress signal, the Heretic's have returned!" the Sangheli on the wing's shouted.

Neerg raised his energy sword, talking into the commlink at the same time.

"The Heretics have returned! Alert all ships!" he shouted while leaping out and cutting down a few Grunts, his golden armour was now stained with cyan blood. He regrouped with the Arbiter, cutting down foes gracefully. The battle was short, and soon the heretic bodies lay spread out all over the floor. Neerg walked back to the group, and deactivated his energy sword. The Arbiter turned and thrusted a human weapon at Neerg.

"What do you make of this, Fleet Master?"

"These filthy heretics are not mine," Neerg said coolly, kicking a dead Grunt. "They must have gotten onboard when we left Sanghelios.And about the weapons? They must have used human weapons to confuse us."

The Supreme Commander arrived, bowing down towards the Arbiter and placing a Spartan helmet at his feet.

"Can we focus on restoring power to the ship?" Neerg asked. He waved at a Sangheli on his side. The Sangheli ran in, andd the corridors lighted up.

"At last," Neerg said. The ship rocked violently, throwing the squad off their feet.

"The humans must have destroyed the engines too, we have to leave!"
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