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Vtorym walked over to Jacob, almost forgetting to be careful and keep her tone calm and measured instead of almost-giddily excited. "Yes, everything's fine," she said, "all but this electrically-induced abrasion on my arm. Sam Nevar and I were having a little practice duel with our training sabers, and I accidentally got hit." She rolled her blue eyes in a merry ain't that the way the Force rolls? way. "Master Vrook was watching, and it's really no big deal." She smiled at her secret love, willing him to believe her. Vtorym was not one to blame others for something they really couldn't control. That was Vrook's job, not hers, and so she'd leave the lecturing to her Master.

Master Vrook cleared his throat. "I suspect that we're done for today," he said coolly, "or at least for the moment. You can go visit the commissary if you like."

His student looked at Knight Marek. "Shall we? After that training duel, I'm starving!"
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