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Vtorym smiled as she saw her fellow Jedi. "Jerek! Hi!" She and Jacob were walking together into the commissary, which was suffused with the succulent aroma of bantha steaks. "Mmm...seems like the chef droids have recently gotten an upgrade! Fantastic!" She didn't care for the slightly-overcooked vegetable fare that they usually served at the Temple. Meat and bread were far more to her taste, as she needed the protein and energy. Some of the more tradition-bound Jedi were averse to killing animals, even for food, and Vtorym respected their decision. Let them eat all of the boiled kaleroot!

Once she, Jacob and Jerek had sat down at a table with their own personal choice of comestibles, Vtorym asked, "So, Jerek, how is your archivist position coming?" She winked. "I suppose stacking datapads and cataloguing holocrons isn't your idea of fun..."
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