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"Oh, we're fine," replied Vtorym, not sensing that Jerek meant anything untoward. "I really wish that Jacob would have been around to see my display of Skorost' today in the Training Room against Sam Nevar. I lost the practice duel, but that's because Sam and his own lightsaber technique were quite cunning. You know what Master Zhar says--smarts beat speed any day! That's how I got this little burn on my arm. I wasn't expecting his counterstrikes, especially in the midst of all my Master Flurries!" She laughed a little, but there was an undercurrent of unease to her giggles.

"Anyway," she said, sipping her energy drink--she hated caf and its bitter taste--"did you find anything in the Archives that was even remotely interesting?" Despite her combat-oriented focus as a Weapon Master, Vtorym was quite the avid reader, if perusing holocrons and datapads could be called reading. "Please don't tell me the one about the mating habits of cannoks again. That one was absolutey disgusting, Jerek!"
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