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WOW. Talk about your tough decisions...
Originally Posted by Darth Scorpius View Post
I like all 3.

That'll have to be...lately I like chocolate as pure as you can get it. I'l talking old school hershey powder unsweetened at the very least. Semisweet...meh... Dark so long as it is properly cooked to allow sufficient nutrients to remain.

I actually just got a "special package", of pure 100% cacao of some kind. Friends visiting Puerto Rico I think. Anyway, pre factory refinement. Fat chunk. I tried a little piece, WHOOOOOOO! Tons of flavor but strongly bitter at first, powdery...and a REEEEEEAL hard punch! Caution to any of you if you ever try it for the first time. I'd recommend first getting some 85-86% pure stuff you can get often at Trader Joe's or world market or something like that. In fact I'd start off at 60% and work my way up. It makes you want to put your fist thru a wall it has such a kick.

I'm no coffee drinker, and I can't wait to put a chunk in with some coffee. OR try out some recipies that came with it.

Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
And white chocolate is not, by any real way, true chocolate, for it lacks the sacred cocoa solids.
Also some of the dangerous stuff inside it for pets is also non-existent. So you actually can feed it to dogs and rats.

See, my father makes these great Christmas time cookies to die for (seriously, people all over town, friends neighbors, etc. ask *every* year and always seem to want more.) Amongst the variations of chocolate included of the many, many ingredients, he has one that is called blonde mix of white chocolate that usually go very fast.

Funny thing was, when I lived with my parents, my mother gave my rare blue fir male rat a blonde cookie while I was gone. I freaked out, but he was okay, save for his now voracious appetite for blonde cookies and white chocolate chips.

Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
I don't just eat chocolate. I earn it.
Damn straight, son. Worth every little bit when you work for it, eh?

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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