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I still have much spring cleaning to do. I've gotten rid of crap to find most of my stuff in the way holds meaning for me. I guess it's time to sacrifice some things.

A roomate caught scabies from one of those "honies" he has been visiting on the corner... and let it go for a while the rest of us have to clean the apartment. I wish someone would beat some sense into him.

One of the other roomates looks like he's going to bail and he owes a lot of rent.

My swords are all still broken from the last guild beyond salvage.

My tabi ninja boots also got messed up from the last guild meet... So I guess warajis or barefoot out in the woods will have to do.

My father is on his "instructive" cycle again. Like if he doesn't tell everyone just how to do it, you'll get it wrong. Happens when they get old and particular I guess. Not mean or condescending, just lecturing and chatting. Glad I'm not around him at the moment. Bah, I'll just avoid visiting my parents for the next weekend or two....or six...

My puppy is nearing maturity and has

1) really weak constitution: I fed him a little bit of italian sausage from spaghetti and he yacked up 4 softball sized blobs all over.
2) has started to 'do that thing'--time for a visit to the vet...another ~$350

My girlfriend and I haven't been together very long and she's already acting like she owns me. --we haven't *even* gotten to business yet! Pretending to be dumber than she really is and thinking I'm buying it--as if I don't notice all this stuff she's having me do, or give, or how she's stalling everything and treating me like property or a servant or something. Can't wait for *this* one to be over. They never really want anything until they know you got a pad, then they're all over you for as much as they can squeeze.

I just burned my hand with my soldering iron...happens when you're into electronics.

My recent power supply project just ended up in smoke, shrapnel, and least the laser head survived!

My credit card company is screwing with me. :curse: Again...

Business is slowing down. WAAAAAAY down...I hope electrician prospects and oddjobs pour in my way...or I'll have to work at Grocery Outlet--though a few buds of mine will give me recommendations. Just that with a childhood career of housekeeping I know I'm gonna be put in janitorial and kept there...and squeezed. But a job is a job and I"ll do it if I have to in order to get by.

Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Lets see... The bad...
I quit my band, I lost my house, had to sell my hot rod, then I found out my wife had been cheating on me. In the process of getting a divorce, the wife gets the kids, and the kids get my dog, and, as if that wasn't enough, in January, my dad died.

What do I win?
Poor guy... At least now you can buy porn or get it on your computer and not have to worry.......much

At the least, sympathy.

In summary, not the worst time, but I've been better...

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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