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Vtorym suddenly noticed that most of their fellow students in the Jedi Temple had finished their lunches and were carrying their trays up to the front of the commissary so the kitchen droids could sanitize them. As for herself, she wasn't quite ready to leave her bantha steak behind. Why did the others have to hurry so, to rush through their meals and their training with the urgency of soldiers primed for combat? Then again, what were Jedi if not soldiers who had been trained to use the Force? She sighed.

"Listen," she said to Jacob and Jerek softly. "I've been having some unsettling dreams lately. They're about us, or at least representations of us, facing the Council. Have either of you noticed that the Masters seem to be more on edge than usual? Maybe it's because they are not sure whether the one known as 'Revan' will stay on the path of the Light, or maybe it's something else. Whatever the case may be, these dreams are telling me that we shall face a trial soon--you, Jacob, you, Jerek, I, the Devaronian, and a Twi'lek called Lena Vark. The Council seems to have singled us out in the dreams."

After a pause, she said, "We may not be the only ones. The Council may be aiming to test all of us, if the dreams come to me through the Force and not mere stress!"

She shook her head as Jacob and Jerek stared. "Who knows? Maybe I'm just crazy."
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