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Question must have mods for kotor1 ?

Due to a flurry of posts like this, I have created this sticky...

From my post below;

Originally Posted by j7
Below are a list of various threads in the Game Discussion bit of the forums regarding good mods to have in a game;



The community awards section, which will be updated shortly for the 2008 awards features the best mods as voted by the modders themselves;

At KotOR Files there are the recommended mods for that week on the main page;

Should members of the community feel free to posts their reccomended lists here, please do
Hi all,

i want to start a new game of kotor and i would like to mod my game with some new stuff. (played the game a couple years ago but did not finished it)

i allready looked for myself and found some mods i think which could be a good addition to the game. (more points to spent for level up and a mod called wotor with some new wepons)

but there are so many mods out there, i need your help

What Mods are a must have in your opinion? (weapon and armor mods, maybe a texture mod or interface/inventory mods, all welcome)

thanks for your time

/edit: are there any mod mega packs?

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