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Hector's Plan


I kept hearing such good things about this game and I finally bought it in 2007, but I've only just got around to playing it. Now that I've completed it, I have a question about the plot, and my searches on this and other websites failed to unearth the truth.

When Manny enters Hector's mausoleum, he summarises Hector's plot, saying something like "...stealing people's Double-N tickets, pretending to sell them but really hoarding them for yourself in a desperate attempt to leave the Land of the Dead". But I had previously been under the impression that Hector (and Domino) did not want to leave the Land of the Dead - I thought they used the money from selling counterfeit tickets to make the eighth underworld 'livable' and wanted to stay there (Domino says this, for example, in that 'hidden' dialogue). What Manny is suggesting is that Hector thought that amassing genuine Double-N tickets would pay off his enormous debt, similar to what Manny had to do in the DoD. So what was Hector's true plan?

And by the way, what was the purpose of Hector's mausoleum?

Sorry if the answers are obvious.
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