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"I am fed up with this incompetence! That's it . . . initiate a full assault upon Harvest itself. No more town's, base's . . . this time we capture the entire planet." the Arbiter shouted, and soon hundreds of Covenant ships joined the battle.

"Initiate self-destruct and evacuate the personnel. We evac to the surface to regroup with Assault Corps 09."

The Arbiter activated his energy swords and leapt out towards a cloaked heretic elite, killing him. Seven more dropped out of cloak, and as Neerg activated his energy sword to help the Arbiter, Ripa had already killed five of them.

One of the remaining two brandished a Spartan laser, and shot a hole through the ceiling, and at the same time a MAC round hit the same place. The corridor was open to space.

Neerg grabbed on to a bar, and saw the Arbiter had done the same. He looked up and saw a Phantom closing in towards them, opening the exit panel. He dropped his grip, and flew into the compartment, the exit hatch closing a tenth of a second later.

Neerg breathed heavily, and opened a commlink to the Divine Justice speakers.

"Activate self-destruct sequence and evacuate," he said slowly, hesitant to destroy the ship that had served him for many years. He stood up and walked into the cockpit.

He saw that the Phantom was closing in on Harvest, as did thousands of other Phantoms from every ship. The real battle of Harvest had begun...
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