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The ship shuddered for a moment. Obviously the Heretics had tried to take the bridge, but he doubted they would want it anymore. The impact from the MAC gun had taken out a large portion of the ship, and Valkanar noticed the frenzy of dropships through the bridge's massive windows.

Coryntar reached out his hand, and Valkanar took it. Pulling himself up, he noticed that his energy sword was depleted. He threw it to the ground. Leaving the beam rifle on his back, he took the two energy swords from the Heretics and wielded both in each hand. There was one left for his friend, who at the moment was weaponless.

"I do not know how to use such a weapon, my friend."

"Neither do I, just take it. Unless you'd like to take your chances against more of these Heretics with that?" He gestured towards a Needler.

"No, brother, I'll take my chances." Coryntar did the Sangheili equivalent of a grin, taking the weapon and activating it.

Another MAC gun hit, followed by several smaller hits.

"I suggest we take a dropship out of here, now." They raced down the corridors. They encountered a few Heretic Grunts, but no other resistance. After easily dealing with them, they faced a collapsed corridor versus a clear one leading to the hangar. As they entered the hangar, there were a couple of dropships leaving, but otherwise it was vacant of people.

There were a few banshees. That would have to do. He turned to Coryntar.

"Follow me, brother."

With that, they left the hangar, and Valkanar did his best to figure out where they were going to go next. Finding the com, he activated it.

"This is Valkanar 'Crolunee and Coryntar 'Crolunee. We are flying two Banshees from the remains of the Divine Justice. We require assistance."
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