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The Phantom's glided into the atmosphere, a few blast's of plasma whizzing past as the Capital Ship's levelled the cities below. A huge flood of UNSC soldier's was running in terror, trying to find some decent ground to hold a line. Whenever they tried to reinstate order another plasma blast sent them into disarray. The UNSC Fleet also entered the atmosphere, but under different circumstance's. Huge chunk's of debris smashed into the solid ground, creating a small graveyard of ship's.

The Phantom's began to land troop's, as the larger Capital Ship's dropped vehicle's and small armies via grav lift's. Within second's more than a million assault force's had touched down, with Type-47's(Scarabs) and Wraith's supporting the advance. More and more ship's arrived, unloading their cargo upon the scarred face of Harvest. There was still huge pocket's of resistance, but the Convenant had the momentum. The Arbiter's Phantom dropped down just inside a village, being one of two surviving Phantom's in a drop squad.

The rest had been designated to touch down in the village also, but Anti-Air emplacement's put an end to such plan's. The UNSC had a large presence in the village, so the Sangheili would be required to utilize the best of their number in this area. The Holy Prejudice dropped a small amount of Sangheili and Brute's before propelling away from the sector, wishing the Arbiter and his retinue well. Three Pelican's whirred overhead, a couple of Hornet's with them. A Banshee pursued, taking down a Pelican before being, in turn, destroyed.

The Arbiter directed two nearby Hunter's to the small squadron, ordering them to concentrate their awesome firepower upon the Pelican's. Another fell, but the other escaped out of range, dropping it's quarry upon a nearby roof. A few ODST pod's fell from the sky, small part's of debris still showering down upon them. Spark's flew as the hunk's of metal came down upon the rooftop, one narrowly missing the Arbiter.

A nearby Sangheili Zealot yelled at the squadron, barking order's and commanding men to take up certain position's. A Helljumper emerged next to the Arbiter, only to be stuck with an energy blade and pushed from the rooftop. A few Kig-Yar took up sniper position's, using their keen sight to narrow down upon their target's. The Phantom's flew low, trying desperately to outrun the AA Defense's. Their plasma turret's provided decent support for the crashed squadron, taking out numerous defensive position's nearby.

"Neerg, Kralok, with me! Karosh take your squad and clear out the building's, one at a time. Miren, hold here and provide cover with the Kig-Yar and Hunter's!" He nodded to Neerg and Kralok, then moved to the roofedge. A quick jolt of movement in his leg's propelled him onto a nearby building, crashing his muscular form into the Marine's there. A few swipe's from his energy blade and the twist of a neck finished the survivor's, leaving the rooftop devoid of life, save Ripa.

He drew his Carbine and fired a few shot's into the street, providing support for Karosh's squad. The Brute in question nodded thank's to the Arbiter as his squad advanced, moving into a nearby building. Ripa answered in a suttle smile, then checked the surrounding hostile's.

"Neerg, Kralok! I said keep up!"

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