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Valkanar didn't think that the Banshees would survive entering the atmosphere of Harvest. They were closing towards it anyway, but he was expecting a ship to answer them.

All the ships were heading down to the planet, however. Only some cruisers remained still behind them, and they were far away. Not too far behind was the Divine Justice. And, suddenly, that wasn't there either.

Secondary explosions rocked the ship and then in a large mixture of plasma and fire the cruiser exploded. It was the second explosion of a ship Valkanar had seen, and both were within a very short period of time.

The ring of fire nearing towards them was dissipating, but the shockwave hit the Banshees nevertheless.

The power was out. He couldn't see anything, and he couldn't contact anyone. Finding the manual release, and taking a deep breath, he exited the craft and drifted into space. He rocketed to the other Banshee, and grabbed Coryntar. He pulled out as well. Then he pushed off the Banshee as hard as he could and aimed for the nearest cruiser.

Valkanar had great luck. The ship must have spotted them, and a dropship was heading towards them. They were nearly out of breath when they were finally picked up.

Inside the dropship, Valkanar and Coryntar were gasping for air. The pilot approached them. He was wearing white armor.

"After the destruction of the Realm, I did not expect to be seeing you again."

Valkanar let out a laugh, and then began coughing. He stood, helped up Coryntar, and locked arms with the pilot.

"Well done, brother. I suppose I am now in both of your debts. Let us go to the surface of the planet. There is work to be done."

With that, the dropship began its descent towards the landing site of the Holy Prejudice.
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