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Chapter 2

The healing effects of my Jedi meditation trance cleansed my body of all weariness as I sat on the floor of the Shedu Maad Medical facility that was doubling as the Jedi infirmary. Floating in the bacta tank next to me was the sleeping form of Jaina Solo, recent hero of the space battle and the killer of Darth Caedus, her twin brother, Jacen. Even through the meditation trance she was in, I could feel the waves upon waves of endless sorrow coming from her lithe form. The tell-tale swooshing of the infirmary door announced the arrival of Jaina's parents, the legendary Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo. I pulled myself out of my trance and cracked open my eyes to see the pair staring at me confusedly.

"Master Organa Solo. It is a pleasure to meet you."

Leia let out a short sigh and said,

"It is a pleasure to meet you as well. Might I ask who you are?"

I silently cursed myself for not starting with the introduction.

"I am Ghel Thek. My father was a survivor of Alderaan."

A small smile spread across Han's face.

"You're Faerd's son? How is the old rascal doing?"

I was surprised that my father knew someone as famous as Han Solo, but I guess it shouldn't have surprised me as much as it did, they did fight in the Rebellion together after all.

"My father was killed several years ago during the Yuuhzan Vong war. He was killed in action during a combat mission on Borleias."

The smile faded from the roguish face.

"I'm sorry to hear that kid, your father was a good man. We fought together a fair few times during the Rebellion."

"Please," I replied, "you have no reason to feel sorrow for my fathers passing, you have enough to deal with as it is."

The pained expressions on both of their faces immediately told me that I had said the wrong thing.

"I apologize. I said that too brashly."

Leia nodded, then walked over to Jaina's bacta tank closely followed by Han. When they stood next to each other facing Jaina and he slipped a hand around her waist, I felt it was time to leave. Walking quietly to the door, I turned around and spoke quietly to the pair.

"If you need anything, let me know. I'd be happy to help you in any way I can."

~ ~ ~

Over the next few days, I encountered Han and Leia many times passing through the halls. They greeted me happily, though I could still feel the pain of loss they were masking. Occasionally I would sit and eat with them, trading stories that my father had told me of his time in the rebellion, and the daring victories and near defeats they had suffered during the brutal war.

Han was particularly fond of sharing his old smuggling stories, which I found entertaining, even though his wife sat next to him and rolled her eyes whenever he reached a particularly unbelievable part of the story, which ruined the effect slightly. 5 days after Jaina had been put in the tank, I was spending my free time in the simulator room, running pilot simulations with an XJ5 when Han decided to visit me.

Through the Force, I felt Han approach me from behind just as I was beginning to start my fourteenth or fifteenth run through the simulation. The computer was pitting me against a dozen coralskippers with a pair of corvette analogs firing plasma cannons at me as well. The attackers almost immediately began to spray fire towards me, and I jinked, dodged, rolled and wove my way through the onslaught. The first coralskipper I encountered was doing its best to jink and weave out of my burst-fire laser blasts, but its shielding anomalies soon caved, and the skip erupted into a flash of atmosphere and chunks of yorik coral. One of his allies had caught on to my tail and was spraying fire past my fighter, only slightly missing the edges of my shields. I swerved right, directly into the path of an oncoming skip, then at the last moment, flipped my fighter upside down and dove. The two skips collided and broke up in another brilliant flash.

The remaining skips began to coordinate, and I realized that the sim had added a yammosk to one of the corvette analogs. I deduced which of the corvettes had the yammosk, then headed for the other one. I swooped along the hull of the ship and the skips began to fire at me from above, using the force, I swerved, avoiding the plasma balls. Unfortunately for the corvette, the shielding crews we're not expecting their owns ships to fire on them, and massive hull breaches began to vent atmosphere. When the crews finally realized what was happening, they began to swallow up the shots. Climbing steeply, I spun my fighter in a three hundred and sixty degree loop and loosed a shadow bomb. I propelled the projectile into one of the larger hull breaches. The massive explosion split the ship in two, taking four coralskippers with it, and sending large amounts of space debris careening off my shields. Flipping around towards the other analog, I tried the same tactic, but the shielding crews we're ready.

I launched a shadow bomb, opening a hull breach, then corkscrewed around. Most of the skips managed to copy the maneuver before they plunged into the debris cloud and a certain death, but one didn't pull up in time and exploded when it was hit my a massive chunk of yorik coral. With only four coralskippers left, and the yammosk analog leaking atmosphere, I harried the fighters slowly eliminating them one by one until their was only one left. By jinking and diving the last skip had managed to avoid all my attacks so far. I launched a concussion missile, and when it was within meters of where the shielding anomaly would appear, I sent a single shot into the anomaly. The miniature black hole swallowed the shot and closed, and the concussion missile slid right past the skips defenses then exploded, destroying the vessel. I circled back to find the yammosk carrier trying to slink away, but I accelerated to catch the vessel, then fired my last shadow bomb and, like its fellow, burst apart and vented bodies and supplies to the cold vacuum.

I sat back and released a breath that I hadn't known I was holding. I turned to look up in the face of the man standing next to me, only to find it blank with shock.

"Han?" I asked.

He pointed and I turned back towards the screen. My time was just over three minutes. I looked at the name below mine on the register. Luke Skywalker - 3 min. 21 sec. I was shocked beyond belief. Master Skywalker was perhaps the best pilot in the galaxy. He had single-handedly destroyed the most dangerous superweapon ever created with only a single proton torpedo, and I had just bested him.

Chapter 12 of Renewal released!

Chapter 2 of Heir to the Force released!

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