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Originally Posted by Lei Hng Wei View Post
You were wrong, it needs to be a .pk3 file.

Like Crow_Nest said earlier, make the changes to the necessary npc files and save only those files as a separate zMoreHealth.pk3 file to overwrite the original. Better to play with a few hundred kbs, instead of 600someMBs.
Thanks for replying so quickly. I've actually managed to create a.pk3 file on my own by googling ".pk3 file". It's amazing what you can learn on the Internet. I'm quite proud of myself (which says a lot about my skill level, lol). A small step for someone who's leet, but a giant leap for a noob.

I put the zMoreHealth.pk3 into my base directory. I have it next to my assets.pk3. I started the game and didn't see any increase in the enemys' health. I have done the shortcut way to get dismember to work in JA, (set g_sabermorerealistic 2 +set g_dismemberprobabilities 200 and all that) as described in yrthwyndandfyre's post. The stormtroopers fall apart at just one swing with the saber.

Should I try to put my modified .pk3 file inside the assets.pk3? How do I do that without messing something up? I opened the assets1.pk3 file with WinRAR and tried to paste the zMoreHealth into the assets1.pk3, but when I opened the assets1.pk3 again it had not changed.

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