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Neerg followed the Arbiter, and jumped over to his rooftop. He grabbed a nearby weapon, a human sniper rifle, and helped the Arbiter shoot the enemies on the ground.

Although he did not question his orders, he felt more at home at the bridge of a ship, and he planned to take a PHantom to the nearest Assault Carrier of his fleet.

Suddenly, a Marine jumped over to their roof, Neerg raised his sniper rifle and hit the Marine with the butt of the rifle. The Marine fell off the roof, and landed hard on the ground, blood pouring out of his head.

"Arbiter, an ambush!" Neerg shouted and pointed at a large group of Marines which had landed on a nearby rooftop, and jumped towards the Elites position.

Neerg dropped his sniper rifle and brandished his energy sword. He jumped over to another rooftop, closer to the Marines, and activated his sword. He jumped over another rooftop, and was now alone with the Marines.

The Marines started shooting at him, but his shield saved all of their shots. He leaped out to the middle of the Marines, slicing at least four with his energy sword on the way. Once in the middle of the Marines, he cut everything in reach of his swords, the ones that didn't get cut, he leaped after and struck down. At the end of the battle, his armor was soaked in red blood, and he breathed heavily.
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