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Hrmm...I'm sure there is probably already a few threads along the lines of this one. I know there are for TSL at any rate. Perhaps a stickied list of recommended mods for both games as voted by users would be a good idea? [EDIT: Thanks to J7 for making a sticky]

My recommended K1 mods:

Eliminate Turret Mini-Game by Kitty Kitty

Bastila Romance Glitch Fix v2 by Darth Shan

Bastila's Extra Dialogue on Tatooine by SpaceAlex

Realistic Visual Effects by Shem

Movie Lightsaber Hilts by oldflash

Sith Troopers to Stormtroopers/Clonetroopers by Prime/bneezy/Xavier2/[STGN]Locutus/AOTC/TC

Skippable Mannan Security Warnings by Darth333

Movie Style Jedi Robes by Prime/Xavier2

My recommended TSL mods:

Influence & Party XP Fix v1.2 by HouseOfAmon & Lit Ridl (part of the HOA Mod Pack)

Realistic Visual Effects by Shem

Imperial Stormtroopers by Prime/bneezy/Xavier2/[STGN]Locutus/AOTC/TC (there is also a Clone Troopers version if you prefer)

Mira-Hanharr Choice by Tupac Amaru

Non-Plastic Aliens by T7nowhere

Less Annoying Workbenches by Achilles

High Level Force Powers v2 plus the v2.1 patch by stoffe

More TSL mods found in this thread - (perhaps merge them together J7?)

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