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Neerg jumped back towards the Arbiter, putting his energy sword back on the belt. He saw the dead humans at Ripas feet, and picket upp the Carbine on the floor.

He saw a Phantom flying by, and raised his hand towards it. The Phantom flew closer, and opened it's hatch on the side. Neerg jumped in, and saw a squad of 3 Elites, a dozen of grunts and some Jackals.

"At ease," Neerg said calmly as he walked by to the cockpit. Through the window he saw that the Covenant didn't dominate as much as they had first thought. The humans were skilled strategists, and had pushed the Covenant forces back in many places. As he looked over the battle, he saw something strange; a Scarab attacked that attacked the Covenant forces. He reckoned that the humans had captured it.

"Where are we heading?" he asked the pilot, a green armored Grunt.

"To drop off this squad in sector 4," the Grunt said, frightened by the Fleet Master's sudden arrival. Neerg nodded, and a plan started forming in his head.

"How many explosives do you have onboard?" he asked.

"The squad's grenades, and some fuel rod guns," the pilot squeaked. Neerg was pleased with the answer, and walked back to the troop compartment.

"Give me all your explosives," he said sharply to the squad. The Elites began to protest, but Neerg silenced them with a wave of his hand. The Grunts held out their plasma grenades, looking terrified at Neerg. The Elites were hesitant, but they eventually handed over their grenades. The Kig-Yar didn't have any explosives.

As the Phantom landed, and opened the hatches, Neerg started putting the grenades in a pile at the back of the dropship, but kept one plasma grenade for himself. Once the squad was out, Neerg walked back to the cockpit and sat down in the co-pilot seat.

"Go towards the enemy Scarab," he shouted at the Grunt. The Grunt seemed hesitant at first, but followed the order. As they approached the Scarab, Neerg shoved the Grunt out off the pilots seat, and sat down himself. He was about to give the Grunt his plasma grenade, but changed his mind. He did not want to rely on a Grunt for something this important.

He flew the Phantom straight towards the Scarab, and opened the hatches on the sides. He ran out to the troop compartment, pushing the Grunt in front of him, and the Phantom continued on its suicide course towards the captured Scarab. When they were a few meters from the Scarab, he activated his plasma grenade, threw it at the pile of explosives, pushed the Grunt through the hatch, and jumped after him. As they flew towards the ground, the Phantom crashed, and the Scarab was destroyed by the explosives in it.

A hornet flew by, and Neerg grabbed on to the side, grabbed the Grunt and heaved himself up. He opened the windshield with just his strengh, and threw out the human pilot. He told the grunt to pilot the aircraft, and grabbed on to the metal handles on the "skid". They flew towards the Covenant positions.

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