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Vtorym chuckled. "Trust me," she said, "I'm not planning on taking a nap very soon."

She finished the last of her Bantha steak and took her tray up to the front of the commissary. A kitchen droid took it deftly, spun it around on its mechanical arm like a circle of flatbread dough, and sprayed it clean in a matter of seconds. The Jedi smiled.

She noticed that Jerek and Jacob had fallen into line behind her. "Am I just lucky," she said, "or are the droids bored and wanting to show off their--erm--extracurricular sorts of talents?" Vtorym suddenly wished she had another lunch tray for the droid to wash.

Suddenly, the Temple's comm system crackled to life: "Attention, Knights and Padawans. Report to your Masters immediately after you finish for an important announcement."

For some reason, the hackles on the back of the Echani Jedi's neck began to rise.
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