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"Death is but a natural occurance, where a bridge form's between the living and the deceased. The code state's in a simple manner that there is no death, but there is the force. Such teaching's are implicated under the wrong manner of speaking, but they carry great weight."

The room was filled with an eery silence. Every second was the effect of millenia, as the living force fluctuated about Sev's being. His form, so irrevocably bound to a meaningless existance, sat in complete silence. Cross-legged amidst the chamber, an ebony curtain flung across every dark avenue, Sev was alone. Yet he was not . . .

"All so dark, every turn but another path into the ultimate abyss."

__________________________________________________ _________

The door flicked open slightly as a fragile form slid through it's physical boundries, into a darkened corner. Her eye's focused upon the lone male in the center of the room. The confinement's of the physical world were nothing to her, as she felt purely through the force.

"You have come far my pupil, so far. Your understanding of the force is beyond even my own knowledge, such is the way of thing's." The male considered slightly, his breathing slow.

"Rank is not a measure of skill, but of understanding."

She nodded as she drew the hood from her eye's and draped it around her shoulder's.

"The living occurance is simply a matter of what is and will be, do you understand?"

"Yes Master Stusea, I understand."

"I am . . . impressed. The last time a pupil of mine came so far . . ."

Her voice trailed off as memories flew across her vision.

"I will not fall my Master, lest the force will's such a thing, in which I have no control."

Aleco considered his word's and knew now that she had learnt something.

"It wasn't your fault, it wasn't his . . . it was the will of the force."

She smiled faintly as she withdrew from his quarter's, her mind becoming overcome by emotion. A quick combination of focus and will drew the emotion's from her frail mind and cast them into the shadow.

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