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Originally Posted by Achilles
While I agree with the instinct to be cautious, I still think this is encouraging. I think this is a clear sign that the zeitgeist is changing. It might take another generation to get where it needs to be, but it at least seems as though we're headed in the right direction.
Originally Posted by Char Ell
That's not the impression I got. This was a unanimous decision by the Iowa Supreme Court. The only thing that can overcome that is an amendment to the Iowa state constitution and from what I've read that doesn't seem likely.
California supreme court voted the ban off and 6 months later the population voted the ban to be part of the California constitution. I went from proud and honored to be in California to outright disgusted to be apart of this country within 6 months.

I wont celebrate until I'm sure it will stick. Until then, it is just an opportunity for the general populous to screw us over again.

And yeah, I know its cynical. Its a great step in the right direction, but we've been taking steps and having to jump back for awhile now over this issue.

Originally Posted by RoxStar View Post
Perhaps all "marriages" should be civil unions with minimal government intervention.
Agreed. If the word Marriage has that much of a meaning, the government should drop the word entirely from legal documents to even the playing field.
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