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As people are well aware there was a shooting in New York recently, what people may not have known was the fact that it was a gun free zone. If you look at the Virginia Tech shootings you have a similar situation, where there were several members of the class whom were in ROTC and should have been allowed to carry a concealed firearm.

Then we next have the issue where the Media continued to pound on about 90% of the Guns confiscated in Mexico were from the United States, however that isn't exactly true.

But in written Congressional testimony on March 12, the National Rifle Association's Chris W. Cox noted that the missile and rocket launchers Mora cited are "weapons that isn't available over the counter anywhere in the U.S., but is reportedly often smuggled from Guatemala." And, as with the "AK-47s" mentioned above, if the drug cartels have actual assault rifles, they're not getting them from the U.S. Automatic weapons (machine guns) have been heavily regulated since 1934 and the sale of new machine guns for private ownership ended in 1986.

Also in his testimony, Cox pointed out that the Mexican government itself has hindered the efforts of U.S. agents to attack the problem, refusing to share serial numbers of captured weapons and not allowing local authorities to cooperate with U.S. authorities.
-- Newsbusters

I feel I must point out that testifying under oath, means that if the man lied he would be committing perjury which gives his testimony added credibility, because if he had lied under oath the Dems would have had him up on perjury already.

See Also:

I'm under the mindset that the reason they want to do away with the 2nd Amendment is because they want to eliminate the keystone amendment. Without the 2nd Amendment, none of your rights are protected. The reason the 2nd Amendment was created was due to the aftermath of Shay's Rebellion and the populace being angered by the abuse of power via the Massachusetts Government. When the Articles of Confederation were thrown out and the Constitution was created, the reason why the 2nd Amendment was put in place was so that a situation like that would hopefully never happen again (excessive taxation to the point people couldn't keep their land and homes).

Articles of Interest where Guns actually thwarted Criminals:

Kates goes further, writing that "a very substantial proportion" of the articles supporting individual gun rights are by scholars who would have been happy to find evidence that guns could be banned. When guns were outlawed in D.C., crime and murder rates skyrocketed. Still, the sentiment exists and must be countered with facts. All of this highlights why it is so important to appoint judges who understand that their job is to interpret the law, as enacted by will of the people, rather than make it up as they go along.

John R. Lott: The number is large, but we only really know about the events through media coverage and the media rarely reports these events when they occur. Often when an attack is stopped only about one percent or so of the news stories will mention it. In other cases where permit holders stop an attack before anyone is harmed the attack simply isn't considered as newsworthy. This latter type of case occurred just last month in Memphis, Tennessee. Another recent case took place at a mall in Utah (a gun free zone) where an off-duty police officer stopped the attack).
--Washington Post
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