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I positively *love* Video Game Music. I think it is some of the best composed music ever of the modern times.

Bloody Tears
In its original CastleVania 2: Simon's Quest for the NES version, probably the most famous--though not the absolute first redition ever made of it, mind you.
Bloody Tears Piano Great for short duels and plays of sorts ...I actually choreographed a fencing duel act to this very video's track for my community college's Performing Arts League. Apparently they had a lot of good "talent" up there but the college was looking for some good old fashioned medieval or Shakespeare-esque Hamlet type of play. Lots of the old fashioned violence blood and gore with swashbuckling.

Even other bands in real life liked Bloody Tears so much that they have done songs with this basic melody. 2-pac, a rap band calling themselves something like "the jedi masterz" or something have one with this. Cradle of filth or someone did a rendition, and there is another anonymous but popular heavy metal track of it as well.

Other favorites:
Captain America What doesn't wreak of awesomeness here?
Hidden Character MVC (my theme when I did a backyard wrestling gig as "Keelhaul Kevin")
Lumine Final Anyone familiar with the megaman franchise and on fairly good terms with it knows its music is a strong suit.

Away from VGM tracks:

2 Dumbasses we all know and love
Hip To Be Square A childhood favorite
Cum on, Feel The Noize! QR remake version (my first Air Band act in high school my junior year)
Cum on, Feel the Noize! Slade Original from 1972
Crazy Train (tribute album) Abridged from the cd a bit. (my 2nd and last act for Air Band my senior year)

I've a whole lot more, but off the top of my head right now this is what I can come up with.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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