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Originally Posted by Malpense View Post
Nice job on the skins, very nice.

My only concern from looking at this, to be honest, is that redrob41 character reskins are going to be so far above the module reskins that it might feel a bit of a let down. Cause no offense to you Logan, but the module reskins are very basic while redrob's are just... wow
Thanks for the high praise . I'll try to help out with area re-skins as well, it'll just have to wait until next fall or winter (I'll be busy all summer). Logan plans to concentrate on skinning after the main story runs smoothly, and all the NPCs, scripts, side quests and everything else are in place and working. For now, I think he's just altering the colour slightly, just enough to be different, but not enough to take time away from everything else.

Logan is doing a lot of jobs, and I'm always impressed with just how much effort he's putting into his mod.

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