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Originally Posted by Kyp Dooran View Post
But aren't most scenarios. Law abiding citizen buys gun. Citizen commits crime with gun. How do you know someone is a criminal before they commit the actual act?
Because criminal behavior usually begins to manifest itself at a young age, which is why I'm actually in favor of thorough background checks.
Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
Guns are fine, however, they should be only limited to low and sporting grade profiles. An AK-47 is not, and never will be, a "personal defense weapon"; It's called an assault rifle for a good reason.
It's also great fun to shoot, the ammunition's cheap as dirt, and it requires very little maintenance to remain fully functional. It's a great home defense weapon, and a fun plinker. You should try one out.

And aside from accuracy, the only difference between an "assault rifle" and certain types of sporting arms is ammunition capacity. In other words: put a large magazine on a sporting rifle and *POOF* -"it's an assault rifle! Ban it!" Ridiculous.

Really, though, everyone should just check out what the DoJ has to say about crimes involving firearms and draw their own conclusions instead of listening to politically-motivated scare tactics.

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