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Harding was finding this night very eventful.

First, on a routine patrol, partner gets killed, finds werewolf, camp, returns to station, goes back with large army, finds out that the leader of this army just happens to be a vampire, be in the presence of wierd things, and now, he found the college students he was looking for.

And they were trying to stop a war from happening.

Harding didn't even notice the man called 'Nick' leave.

He looked back, and was so surpised he nearly hit the sidewalk on the street.

He quickly evaded it and regained control, and reminded himself that that could've happened anyway. He let out a breath, also reminding himself that Nick was probably on there side.

He sighed, "Okay, I'm going to take you guys back to the station. The Chief will speak to you, then you will contact your parents. Then, your parents may want to get you. Anything concerning this incident is left to you....AFTER these events have occured. I understand your mission, but I have to bring you guys back first, before anything else takes you away."

Harding meant it. They'd lost too many as it was.

Velmer stared at the tea in front of him.

Of course, he wasn't going to drink it.

He'd had it before, and it never brought any sustenance, any value. Nothing did. Not food. Not warmth. Nothing.

Only blood.

And as days moved on, even that was hard to come by.

Kekringer opened the door and walked into the dark room that Velmer was sitting in.

Velmer continued to stare at the tea in front of him, not even acknowledging Kekringer's presence. But he knew he was there.

"What is it."

"My Lord, reports have come in from stations 0 and 3. They have calculated the possible destinations of the policemen and your grandson. The policemen, either the News Station, or the Police. Your Grandson, he is seemingly watching over them."

Velmer sighed, and with a sudden movement, knocked the cup of tea off of the table.

It crashed against the wall and he stood.

"We mustn't allow them to make it. Vengeance is needed. The humans would do well not to get in the way."

He slammed his fist onto his desk.

"He reminds me so much of Galdur...."

Kekringer tried his best not to acknowledge the name that Velmer had uttered.

Velmer looked at Kekringer.

"Once again, one of our own seeks to undermine us. I will stop my grandson. Prepare my transport."

Kekringer bowed, "Yes, My Lord."

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