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Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
Avery, the "assault rifles" that are commonly available to the public are all semi-automatic, and are incapable of full-auto fire without a lot of illegal modification. This includes the AK-47s. Do you seriously believe that the full-auto versions are commonly available?

Like I said, you have to have a Federal Firearms License, which is very hard to get, to legally purchase and own a full-auto weapon. Machine guns are not commonly available to the public.
I stand corrected.

However, seeing as they no longer have full auto capability they should not be called "Assault Rifles" any longer as they do not fit the definition.

I believe what Pastrami was pointing out was the desire some civilians have for actual Assault Rifles to be available to the public, which I believe I debated against in the Gun Control thread in Kavars a long time ago.

However, thank you for pointing out the variants that are available. Had forgotten about them.
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