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Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
However, seeing as they no longer have full auto capability they should not be called "Assault Rifles" any longer as they do not fit the definition.
Ehh, I'll concede that, but don't forget what Q said - it really doesn't take a lot of modification in order to get the AK you buy at a gun store to be fullauto. And thus, we have our problem. Criminals are more than willing do do a few illegal mods on their guns in order to have a full auto AK47.

Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Ever go fishing on a stream in bear country? Which would you rather have if you saw a bear comin at you. Single shot rifle, or an AK-47 with enough ammo to take him down.
Why the hell would you need an AK to take him down? All you need is a handgun - empty a clip into a bear and he's going to be dead.
Originally Posted by Tommycat
I live in AZ. recently there have been a few home invasions. Multiple armed men. They kill the homeowners regardless of if they cooperate.
So? You figure if you had an AK47 full auto you could protect yourself? Guess what, if you had one, then they'd also be able to get one. And now, you're still ****ed because you have an AK and each one of the "Multiple armed men" have one too. You still lose


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