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Welll the AK-47 would be my bet for Z day. Sturdy, easy to use, and good for the up close and personal encounters. Though I usually use a bolt action 30-06 with a scope. But the "Rock and roll" temptation makes a bit of sense. Since the AK is classified as an assault weapon, I'd say the average person should be able to have that. even if Z-day never happens, it would be a good idea to be trained to use such a weapon before that day... I like the Zombie survival guide, but I disagree with a few of their assessments. I'm shocked that in the H2H weapons, they neglected the weapon that even the Army issued. The Tomahawk. You can get the military version at a surplus store. at 24 oz it makes a better all around tool to have than even the crowbar. hehe there's even video on this site.
Tell me you wouldn't rather have that for Z day than a big bulky crow bar.
Assault rifles are better in the respect that they can carry more ammo. Regardless of the full auto, I'd rather have the fullload of ammo.

I like the M1, but... that whole *PING!!!* Dinner's ready! would be a drawback for me.

back to being (mostly) serious...
Keep in mind that the laws in some areas are very wierd when it comes to defining an assault rifle(lawmakers do not use the actual definition for such things). In many cases legitimate "mean looking" rifles are classified as assault rifles. That's my main objection to their banning. Lawmakers can be morons. BOLT ACTION RIFLES were included in assault rifle bans.

In home invasions, every little bit helps. I'd rather be armed to the teeth when it happens. Besides, you could be very ready when it happens. The better armed the better. though I will admit that for home defense, a good 12 gauge pump will do ya better. It also has the added advantage of the sound of the racking. But this isn't about what I think, it's what the person would feel more comfortable with. There was recently a guy who while leaving his house was set apon by several armed men. He shot two and killed the last in the car. In this state it's almost becoming a war zone in some areas. Mexican gangs are crossing the borders and attacking the innocent. It's darn near a war situation. at least in the southern towns.

OOOooo forgot about Bug invasion lol

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