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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Keep in mind that the laws in some areas are very wierd when it comes to defining an assault rifle(lawmakers do not use the actual definition for such things). In many cases legitimate "mean looking" rifles are classified as assault rifles. That's my main objection to their banning. Lawmakers can be morons. BOLT ACTION RIFLES were included in assault rifle bans.
If it uses .50 caliber rounds, then yeah, I can see banning those.
In home invasions, every little bit helps. I'd rather be armed to the teeth when it happens. Besides, you could be very ready when it happens. The better armed the better. though I will admit that for home defense, a good 12 gauge pump will do ya better.
That's pretty much overkill. If it's an invasion of a flock of ducks, then a shotgun would be great, but unless if you want to be charged with manslaughter with that blood splatter on your wall, then I'd rather use something of deterrence, like a 9 mm.
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