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Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
If it uses .50 caliber rounds, then yeah, I can see banning those.
At least one was a 30-06. Lawmakers can be stupid at times.
Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
That's pretty much overkill. If it's an invasion of a flock of ducks, then a shotgun would be great, but unless if you want to be charged with manslaughter with that blood splatter on your wall, then I'd rather use something of deterrence, like a 9 mm.
Shotgun. Less accuracy required. Low penetration. Plus, you can load it with rock salt rounds and oh man.... I used to keep the pump action loaded with one rock salt in the chamber. Stings like hell when you get shot. You think you're dead, and it's enough to scare off most would be assailants.

Not to mention the length of the barrel means it's even harder for a child to accidentally shoot themselves(though I still recommend trigger locks for when you are not home)

Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
Buckshot won't go through walls and accidentally kill your children sleeping in the other room.

Hence why a shotgun is actually the perfect home defense weapon
Wow something else we agree on...

The shotgun is my FIRST preference for home defense. Second is a revolver.

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