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Boxed Copy or Digital Download?

Well there's been lots of talk about OnLive recently and that has kind of got me thinking of the way the PC gaming industry is headed. So I'm curious, currently do you buy your PC games from a retail store like GameStop or Amazon, or do you prefer digital downloads from services like Steam or Direct2Drive?

Personally I still like having a boxed copy, but it seems like that is quickly going out of favor and it's probably also not as smart as you're not guaranteed that any potential DRM will let you play it, seems like it's all too common to hear about draconian DRM not allowing a game to be played at all. But seems like that is not an issue with Steam in my limited experience with it.

Also, I will not be so foolish to buy a boxed copy of something if it is cheaper on direct download. The only game I've bought from Steam is Left 4 Dead and I got it on the half off weekend.

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