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Hey everyone!

My only concern from looking at this, to be honest, is that redrob41 character reskins are going to be so far above the module reskins that it might feel a bit of a let down. Cause no offense to you Logan, but the module reskins are very basic while redrob's are just... wow
Redrob41's reskins are amazing, I think the only way to reach that level with the modules is to create new modules for the game. In post production I will be messing around with the module's skins a lot. Even the people who get involve with the beta testing will not be seeing the final skins since i will still be playing around with them.

Which leads too...
Is there are any chance you'll have brand new areas/rooms modeled in there such as Quanon's work for Silveredge9?
I have not contacted Quanon or anyone on the topic of new areas/modules,..yet. There will be no new ones in the Demo but...I'm running through some ideas for a few in the final release....most likely they will be for major and final scenes in the game.



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