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The Phantom dropship was facing increasing turbulance, and it began to shake heavily as they descended through the atmosphere of the planet. While he was rather skeptical of a Banshee's ability to descend to a planet, he knew that the Phantom's more powerful engines and hull plating would be able to withstand it. Barely.

Slowly, buildings came into view. Not very concentrated ones, but there were some skyscrapers in the midst. The humans had obviously had some time to colonize this world.

As they pushed out of the hazy atmosphere and into the clearer sky of the planet, they saw many battles already taking place. A few cruisers hung in the sky, but the Holy Prejudice was on the ground. They were nearly passing over it.

"Continue your present course, pilot." The Phantom continued. The battles were taking place farther out, and something had caught Valkanar's eye.

There it was. A human flying vehicle, a Hornet. A Grunt and a Sangheili were hanging onto it.

Valkanar got closer and pointed out of the window. "There! See them? We...wait...that is the Arbiter!" The ancient armor of the Arbiter was easily distinguishable from the much advanced and colorful armor the Sangheili wore these days.

"How shall we approach? I can overtake the craft and lift them aboard. Their weapons will not harm our dropship."

"Do so."

The Phantom accelerated. They were approaching the Hornet, and fast. Soon they would be directly over it.

"Pilot, see if you can direct the Arbiter's attention. Fire a shot at one of the buildings ahead."

"This could be difficult."

With timing, the Phantom managed a well-placed shot of plasma into the building next to them, clearly within the Arbiter's angle of view. Now, hopefully, the rescue would go smoothly.
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