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Another one people. I went back to what I do best and came up with this. Be honest and tell me what you think!

- Unholy Wars -

Heirs to Babylon,
sickened feelings of the darkest macabre.
Serve to which is wrong,
speak till your tongue is spent and barred!

Hail to the faithful,
the serpent king awaits.
Seeds sown from the hateful,
succulent virgin taste.

Darkened wizard, serve your servants fears.
To be away with thee! Curse away those holy tears.

Sweet endorphin,
lined with kin.
Thy cannot allow in,
whereas filled with sin.
Execution Avatar!

Strike me down with your black magics,
and I shall rise again.
Death after death, in life will I win,
and thy will be more than your master expects.

Stoic misery, your feet are getting weary,
better yet now to stop this fools march.
Dreams which are scary, are but a loose fitting fairy,
finish me off now, before your death can come to pass.

He took a look at thee,
with sweet eyes full of melody,
and in them I could see the sea,
a sea of stricken hope and hopeful misery.

"Bring all your amarda, this war will be won.
I will destroy all life, beginning with your son!"

This he cried over the gore-filled plain,
I could see from here, his mind was no longer sane.
Destroyed by grief, sanctioned by strife,
his hate was fuel for me,
it returned me to my natural life.
If only could it have been.

Such a tragic kingdom,
to raise on our own.
Just thee wait, the time will come;
a flower will grow from where the seed was sown.

Satan's incognito,
death upon the throne,
heave the last remants below,
up above, to where he rests alone.

Heirs to Babylon,
sickened feelings of the darkest macabre.
Spare me of your insolence,
and wreck havoc for me, cry in pain,
make me laugh.

Death, is only a manner of speaking.
A dream in which, for some is real.
Please do not tell me what thee is thinking,
open the box, do it!
Break the seal...

...And make me laugh.

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