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((I apologize for not fully reading your post, my ignorance astound's me. ))

The Arbiter and his Honour Guard's formed a small circle, pike's extended. A few Kig-Yar stood behind them, their rifle's and carbine's loaded and aimed. A few Human's scurried about the formation, moving into cover and priming their weapon's. A large Scorpion rolled in, it's main cannon directed at the Arbiter himself. The turret swerved about as the Gunner positioned himself, a sign of the catastrophe moment's to come.

The Arbiter closed his eye's and prayed silently to the Forerunner's, as he allowed his mind to slip into a primal rage. He roared in fury as his eye's became red, fixing upon his target, the Scorpion. His Guard's echoed his roar as they too charged at the Human's, pike's forward and shield's up. The Kig-Yar unleashed salvo's as they squawked at the Human's. Ripa positioned his hand's under the front of the Scorpion, then lifted it clean off the ground. He swung it as a club at the nearby Human's, swatting them like flies.

A Pelican flew directly at the Arbiter, unleashing a volley of turret fire at his torso. He countered, chucking his makeshift club at the vessel, sending it into the ground alight. He drew a Brute Shot and attatched it to his wrist, igniting an energy sword in his other hand. A Demon snuck behind the Arbiter, a Spartan Laser fully charged. He pointed the gun barrel at the Arbiter's back and poked him twice, his hand caressing the trigger in anticipation. Ripa brought his elbow into the Demon's chest, causing him to sloop forward. He followed with a swift flick of his wrist, connecting the Brute Shot's blade with the creature's neck, causing the form to fall limply to the ground.

"Your Demon has failed you! Your brother's dead! Die now, die for the Great Journey!"

The scene around him was much the same, as the Honour Guard dug into the Human formation's. Ripa put away his energy sword and cast the Jiralhae weapon aside, not giving it a second look. He pulled an energy pike from a nearby Human, then impaled it into the ground, placing the Demon's helmet on top. He pulled the creature's body and slumped it against the pike, a mark of the Convenant's victory. Suddenly a bright flash caught his eye, as he looked up to see a Phantom speed overhead. He and his Guard moved with it, jumping into the Cargo Hold as quickly as time allowed.

The Guard's formed two line's alongside the center of the bay, forming a small path for the Arbiter as the crew was shoved aside. He strode into the cockpit accompanied by two guard's, then found to his surprise Valkanar.

"Valkanar, a pleasant surprise to say the least. This isn't the best of time's, but why aren't you in uniform?" A nearby Guard handed the Arbiter a suit adorned only by the legendary Honour Guard's, along with a Pike.

"Welcome to the Honour Guard, you earned it. I have read your impressive report and these time's are pressing. The Prophet's agree with my decision . . ." He handed the armor and pike to Valkanar and offered a subtle grin.

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