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Do Liberals think they are above the Law?

Do liberals particularly liberals in government think they are above the law?

Seriously, has anyone else looked at Obama's cabinet members aside from me...

We have several members of the cabinet whom didn't pay their taxes including the new head of the IRS.

The Senate Finance Committee has been looking into Geithner — it has to vote on his appointment — and discovered something else.

According to Gordon and Parnes: “In addition, Geithner included payments to overnight camps in calculating his dependent child care credit in 2001, 2004 and 2005. His accountant informed him in 2006 that the camps were not allowable expenses. The committee notes that Geithner did not file amended returns to fix the mistake.”

Can I get this deal? Can I ignore my accountant? He is always telling me that my trips to Vegas are not allowable under “necessary mental health expenses” and, fool that I am, I keep listening to him.

Then we have Ron Kirk
A White House official called it a "matter of record-keeping," arguing that just because Kirk couldn't come up with documentation for every game since 2005 doesn't mean he hadn't taken clients.

But Norm Lofgren, a partner at Looper Reed & McGraw law firm in Dallas and a former IRS trial attorney, said that being able to substantiate only 57 percent of claimed expenses "suggests carelessness in his business record-keeping. The question is why. Mayor Kirk is an experienced lawyer who undoubtedly knows the specific substantiation rules for entertainment."
-- Dallas News

I'm not going to get into all the members of the cabinet with tax problems in this post, but seriously, we have the peopel that are lecturing us about paying taxes, not paying their own taxes.

Seriously, I don't see why these people aren't in jail like anyone else with this kind of issue...
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