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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
Let me guess... Shakespeare? If so, he doesn't exactly do that very well. Concise means stating your idea and having it received by the reader/listener. Mark my words that you don't do that by using an excessive amount of useless words. Words get in the way and detract from the quality of writing.
Wrong. Let me give you an example.

"The tree had green leaves that moved in the wind."

It's as simple a message as can be written to convey that the tree has leaves, they are green, and they move in the wind. However, a writer could choose to say this instead:

"The tree held upon its branches a thousand emerald butterflies, each fluttering their delicate wings in rhythm with the unpredictable flow of the wind, proving order to chaos."

Are you really going to sit there and tell me that the former is better than the latter, simply because it uses fewer words?
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