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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
Very poetic and impressive; likely written by one who achieved a mastery of words.

This is not accurate to my argument, however. If this were to describe what the movement of leaves on a tree reminded a viewer of, then the subject would not be that the tree's leaves fluttered with the wind. One is a literal description where the other is how the leaves were perceived by the viewer/reader.

The ideas communicated in this and the first sentence are different.
Thank you for the compliment, and you're right, they are two different messages. One is a simple communication, the other is actual art. This is about whether or not Shakespeare matters, and he'll always matter, because his use of language as art is unprecedented. You said that "words get in the way and detract from the quality of writing", and that "useless content in a story dilutes the book/document". I feel that you couldn't be more wrong, and that the value of speed over beauty in modern society has caused a degradation of language as a whole.
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