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Smile I Am Home ....

Wow ....

"Jedi OutCast" [JO] is, quite simply, the greatest game ever made ....
Never in any game have a felt so much a sense of place -- like I'm really there in that enviornment.
You look at a spot & think "Oh man -- according to every computergame I've ever played, if I wont be able to move
'cause of the barrier the graphics throw up.
Not so with JO.
You can look at a spot & say "I wonder if I can go down there ...." & not only can you but, somehow someway,
it's an integral part of the enviornment that leads you to other places that, again, make it seem as if you are really there: like you'd be able ta do in real life!
Even after you accomplish whatever task you have to do, you can just walk around & explore the ultradetail.

I was lucky enough to find a copy of JO on eBay & I bought it.
After much work I got it running on my Intel MacBook.

Elated, I thought: "Hmmmm -- the InterNet's so big, mayhaps there's a website dedicated exclusively to JO."
And sure enough, here I am! lol

I just wanted to give kudos to whoever created this & offer my hearty salutations !

Incidentally, as I mentioned my JO's for Macintosh computers.
Will mods, like the new SP maps mentioned in another topic, work with my copy?
If not, are there Macintosh SP modmaps available?

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