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((No problem, it's my fault for not explaining clearly.))

Neerg's Hornet flew over the Covenant positons, not being bothered by gunfire since Neergs golden armor shone brightly in the evening sun. He saw the Arbiter squad, battleing a Scorpion.

"Land over there!" he shouted at his pilot, who responded by stopping the engines, so that the Hornet sank a few metres before he restarted them. "And don't kill us both in the process!"

The terrified pilot learned how to lower the craft, and they sank slowly towards the ground. As soon as they landed Neerg jumped off, killing two humans with his Carbine. He walked slowly towards the Arbiter, while shooting his weapon at all the humans he could see. He saw a Demon sneaking up behind the Arbiter charging a Spartan laser.

Neerg was just about to yell, but another demon pushed him aside, brandishing an energy sword towards his throat. Neerg was just able to get his own energy sword, and he cut at the Demons left arm. The sword hit its target, cutting through his foes armor and burying deep in its arm. The Demon loosened its grip, and Neerg was able shove it aside. As he leaped on top of the demon he thrusted his sword through the Demons helmet, red blood staining his armor and helmet. He jumped off his dead foe and deactivated his energy sword. He walked over to the Arbiter, whom had defeated the other demon and was just putting its helmet up on an energy pike.

"Your Demon has failed you! Your brother's dead! Die now, die for the Great Journey!" the Arbiter shouted to the humans, his voice drowning the weapons fire.

Suddenly a Phantom dropped out of nowhere, landing close to the Arbiter. The battle was won, and the Arbiter walked in to the troop compartment with his honour guard. Neerg followed him. He saw the Arbiter walk in to the cockpit, and then a suit of honour guard armor was passed to him. As the Arbiter came out again Neerg kneeled.

"Noble Arbiter, I request permission to return to a starship," he asked...
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