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Originally Posted by Ray Jones View Post
Okay, I guess I made a minor mistake here, of course you need the stone positions for the map room, not those to enter Atlantis (which might or might not be the opposite crap I've been talking about.

So, the phrase of interest would be "darkness ruling the old city without challenge" now.

In this case, darkness is ruling the old city, but it unchallenged?

I hope this is more helpful. ^^

Here is my new long

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if you not object on thoose 2 i have still have a problem with the middle circle, i guess i shall se something in your line "unchallenged" finally
in detail i shall see what type of moon i shall choose, but i dont offcorse
I hade prepared the above message at first, but then i marked the "new moon" accidentley, and the rest is history,
to bad that i didnt hade time to save the progress, before that german windows error 'Kernel' appeared in the next room, and i tried the hard line and refused to give away the stones offcorse , and the rest was again history
so now when i was forced reload my old save i hade got a new platos lost dialoge and new order (ehh when did you save last time?) so now we must start all over again Jones with the interpret...or perhaps not if i just lied

thanks for the patiente and my rude insults at time thou i have a feeling that i will not be silent for eternity in this underforum
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