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((Guy's, can we not exterminate all the Spartan-II's okay? There's only say, 32 in existance at the time so . . . Yeeh, no more overkill's. ))

The Arbiter turned and considered Neerg's outburst, wandering as to his motive's excatly. "Granted and I'm coming to. You'll operate from my flagship at my side, as I now instate my power's over two third's of the fleet. The remaining fraction fall's to you, whilst the Supreme Commander is given control of our ground forces, well the majority."

The Arbiter signalled for the Phantom to land at a small Convenant camp, or more accurately a captured airfield. It was small, but the position was sound and it's importance strategic. He moved past Neerg at a calm pace, with his Guard's following suit. "Valkanar, you have my leave, return to the ship soon however, we have much to . . . discuss. Neerg, with me."

He leapt from the craft with his Guard in tow, with a line of Convenant soldier's amassing around him. The Unggoy yelped as his Guard's tapped them aside with their polearm's, keeing the way clear for their leader. A few Kig-Yar remained isolated from the rest of the camp, sitting keenly as they polished their rifle's whilst a pair of Mgalekgolo bond brother's watched the proceeding's, still as stone. Yanme fluttered about the camp uninterested, more focused upon ensuring the camp's functionality than formalities.

The Sangheili moved to pay homage to the Arbiter, a quick smile fluttering across their often saddened expression's. The Brute's simply glared and snarled, obviously discontent with their rival's 'fame'. A trio of Kig-Yar pilot's stood around three banshee's, their gaze primed upon the Arbiter. Upon seeing him move toward's a Phantom they quickly polished their craft's and checked the system's, knowing full well the demand of guard protocol.

A nearby Zealot pushed through the mass, moving to the Ripa's side and asking a few simple question's of tactical import and such such. The Arbiter stopped and responded, finishing with a short-lived smile. The Zealot returned it, bowed and fled the scene, returning to his duties. The Guard's became more devout in their duties, lowering the pike's and surrounding the Arbiter and Neerg. Despite his awfully vicious and agressive reputation, Ripa was actually respectful and understanding, even under the most trying of circumstance's.

He held great suspicion about the Prophet's alate, but did not bother to voice such concern's. He could easily break the Convenant due to the respect he was held in by all, but he knew such a move would only lead to the Sangheili's demise. If anything, Ripa loved his people and would never put them in a position of pain, or risk their death's. A small firefight erupted over a nearby hill, the plasma mortar of a wraith illuminating the encampment as it blasted the oncoming Human's. The crowd swiftly dissipated as they rushed to engage, many more than happy to finally get some action.

The Honour Guard's softened slightly, leveling their pike's skyward as they advanced in pace with the Arbiter. His Guard's flooded into the Cargo Hold, allowing some Kig-Yar Spec' Op unit's to take up position's at the aft door and gunner port's. The grav lift was left inactive for the time being, it's functionality nulled due to the purpose of the flight. A Honour Guard Ultra moved to beside the Arbiter, who stared out of the aft boarding ramp as the ship sped into the air.

"Arbiter, something wrong?"

"No, that's the problem with this entire war. It's making my skin crawl."

The White-clad figure nodded and glanced through the aft ramp just as it closed, the viewport made foggy by the ascent through the atmosphere. A moment later and an ebony black filled each viewport, a few white light's twinkling in between. The fleet glided silently, each frigate moving slowly in procession. The UNSC had long abandoned any attempt's at a space reclamation, knowing such a move to be futile against this sort of enemy.

With moment's the Phantom had glided into the flagship's hangar, allowing it's cargo to disembark with speed and skill. The Arbiter and his Guard's move at a brisk pace to the bridge, with Neerg (Hopefully, up to you.) in tow. Upon arriving at the bridge they moved about the outer viewport's, lining up in a huge semi-circle about the bridge. The Arbiter took mid-center, as the bridge crew wheeled about their respective task's. His crew comprised only of extremely skilled and intelligent Kig-Yar, supplemented by a load of Sangheili. There were also Mgalekgolo bond brother's and Drone's, along with 'Engineers'. No Unggoy or Brute's were upon the vessel for appropriate reason's, at the Arbiter's personal request.

The Unggoy were much more suited to ground engagement's and the majority lacked any sense of self-indepence. The Brute's earned their name well and little more need be said on that subject. Jirog'kae, the only Brute War Chief aboard the entire ship, had earned his place well as the Arbiter's right hand. He lacked the more distinctive trait's of the race and put his physical size and strength to a much more practical use rather than hurling one's self into the fray.

He was also the Arbiter's close friend, who had saved his life many'a time before. Jirog moved beside Ripa and smiled to him, with the Arbiter returning the gesture briefly.

"It's been far too long Jirog'kae . . ."

"Indeed, the road has been long and hard without your guiding hand, my Arbiter."

The Arbiter laughed and returned his focus to the center viewport, the image of a thousand battle's raging across the holo-screen.

"How many casualties so far?"

Jirog'Kae silenced his chuckle as the joke turned sour, then considered.

"Already far too many."

"As I expected . . ."

"Arbiter, what would you have me do?"

"I want you to move over to The Divinity and sieze command of the incoming fleet, then move to a ground support role."

"Understood, it will be done."

Jirog'Kae moved to the doorway, glancing over his shoulder one final time at his old friend, then departed for the hangar.

"Neerg, you have the bridge, I will be in my quarter's."

Ripa moved through a nearby doorway into his quarter's, which he had previously attatched to the bridge for more practical mean's, rather than being away from it. He moved to the viewport and silently counted in his head how many death's he'd witnessed upon the day so far.

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