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Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
I would suggest a thread title change to "Do politicians think that they are above the law?"

It's a bipartisan problem.

And each side will always see the media as ignoring the worst outrages of their opponents.

Now that Democrats (AKA: liberals) have the power, the Limbaugh-ites will have a field-day for the next 4 years (at least) working themselves into a froth over every little infraction (or perceived infraction) in a way unseen since the height of the Clinton administration. Which, I seem to remember, most of his administration was often accused of similar issues (all the way up to murder) by the usual suspects.

I don't pay super-close attention to the news that much these days, and I certainly don't subscribe to conservative-leaning media (my souces for current info being mostly: PBS, Slate, and the Boston Globe,) but I HAVE heard all about the tax issues with some of the Obama cabinet members.

So therefore: If I know something about it, then some "liberal mainstream media" outlets must have covered it at some point.

The insistence from the O.P. that he might be the only one paying attention to it doesn't quite pan out. (It could be that most people just don't care as much about it as you do, Gar. That might be far more difficult to refute.)

Should they be kicked out of the cabinet? Eh... I personally don't think so. If we were to wait for someone who has been around a long time in the political sphere, and experienced enough to be an effective senior cabinet member who has absolutely NO squirrely marks in their personal, business, or political history,.. then I fully expect the entire term would pass by with none of the seats ever being filled.

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