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Master Vrook gazed at Vtorym with a mixture of fatherly love and patriarchal disdain. If his suspicious were correct, his student was one step above a garishly-dressed little streetwalker in the alleys of Coruscant, but far, far below a true Jedi Knight. No matter. More serious concerns pressed, at least for the moment. He would deal with the subject of Jacob Marek if and when the time came. For now...there was the disturbance to find.

"Can you feel it?" he asked Vtorym. "Listen to the Force. What do you sense, Vtorym?"

"Fear," she replied, "and desperation, and a wild sort of--hunger? Am I right, Master?"

Vrook nodded. "Something or someone is out there," he said coldly, "and we Jedi need to try and find out what it is. We're the only ones who can even sense such a thing. Am I right in trusting you, Knight V'stalt? Am I wise to tell you this? Only time will tell, I fear, because I've sent students on missions before and had them fail more miserably than you could ever know. I don't want to send you on a strike team and have you fail, too."

Vtorym's icy gaze hardened. "I will not fail, Master. The Force shall help me not to."

Vrook shook his head. "Such arrogance! Do I really want to send you on this mission?"
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