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Jerek heard the announcement and placed the uncleaned tray down on a nearby counter, immediatley leaving to see Master Dorak. When announcements like this came, you had to go right when they you got them.

Master Dorak was sitting near one of the Archive's many tables. He seemed to be reading one of the volumes of information, but he was perfectly aware when Jerek walked into the room.

"It is good to see you so promptly, Jerek, we have much to discuss."

"Of course, Master, this must be extremely important to announce it to everyone."

Master Dorak nodded,"Yes it is. Very Important. Maybe even more important then the Redemption of Revan, but we'll see."

Jerek sat opposite from Dorak.


"Can you not feel it? Stretch out your feelings. Go farther then Coruscant, farther then the entire system. Feel the outer reaches...."

Jerek sighed and closed his eyes, stretching his senses into these outer reaches.

And then it came.

A torrent of fear, anger, and confusion.

And something much darker, much more filled with darkness that no words could describe.

Jerek snapped back.

Master Dorak smiled, "It is good that you still master the ability to sense these things, Jerek."

Jerek smiled as well,"Sensing that, my best guess is, we have to investigate?"

Dorak nodded, "You are correct. You and many of the other Knights and Padawans are to go together to find the source of this new terror, whatever it may be. This will be your final test, I'm sure."

Jerek nodded as well, "Only Knights and Padawans?"

"Yes. Only those. From what I remember, this is what you do your best at?"

Jerek smiled, "Yes Master. Your memory serves you well."

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